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Welcome To Dan Glickberg Food

July 31, 2013

To say that I was born into the food industry would be an understatement. Food has run in my family’s blood for four generations. Nathan, my great-grandfather, opened a few fruit and vegetable stands up and down Broadway in the 1930′s. He later decided to consolidate the stands into one location at the corner of 74th and Broadway. When he came of age, my grandfather Leo took over the operations, moved it into a building on the block and added groceries and everyday goods. Back then they called his market a superette. But it was when my father Howie came into the business in the 1970′s, adding two partners in the process, that things really changed. He transformed the superette into a specialty goods market, adding specialty items such as imported cheese and olive oils, a deli, meat and seafood counters, a bakery and organic goods. To this day, though, the store is still rooted in produce. I’m sure that would make my great-grandfather smile.

When I came into the family business in 2005 I joined a company that had three stores and comfortably fit into the supermarket business as a hybrid market, half traditional supermarket and half specialty and organic market. I spent the next seven and a half years immersed in food. Where it came from and the history behind it. What the best foodstuffs are and where to get to them. Eating locally but also eating globally. And I was able to share this knowledge with not only our customers but also NBC’s audience, with the help of the great group of people working at LXTV. And of course with the WOR listeners on the Joan Hamburg Show and Joe Bartlett’s Saturday morning show.

Rather recently I decided to move on from what was at the time a 12 store chain (now encompassing 13) and embark on a different journey in food. That is where Dan Glickberg Food started. In the coming posts I will tell you about new and exciting foodstuffs, where to find deals, what’s in season, where to buy your food and, of course, some recipes.

Here’s my first tip:

Using thin-sliced chicken cutlets is a great way to ensure your chicken breasts will be evenly cooked…but you don’t need to buy them that way at the butcher. Buy whole breasts instead and thin slice them at home yourself. Trust me, after a few tries you’ll get the hang of it. And save money in the process. Here’s a quick video to get you started:

Happy Eating,


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