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Thanksgiving Tips

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already just around the corner. To help you start planning here are some tips to help you for the holiday:

1) Your turkey should be fresh, never frozen. There is a reason many supermarkets give away a “free” frozen turkey.

2) Your turkey should be 6-7 pounds more than the number of people you are serving. That way there will be enough white meat to go around.

3) If you can reserve your turkey ahead of the holiday you should do so.

4)The vacuum sealed package should be tight around the turkey, not loose.

5) An all-natural turkey is the best value you will find. You get many of the same benefits of an organic bird at a cheaper price.

6) You do not need to purchase you turkey the day before Thanksgiving. You will not be buying a fresher bird. They are all packaged around the same time.

7) Once you purchase your turkey it should be stored in the back of your fridge on the bottom shelf.

8) If you are looking for a moist turkey then baste it every 20 minutes and do not cover with foil.

9) I do not recommend stuffing your turkey. Even though it makes for a classic picture, you will lose control of the internal temperature and create some food safety issues.

10) You do not need to put oil inside your turkey, turkey has its own natural oils.

11) Your turkey does not have to be served piping hot, it can be served warm. This way you can let the bird “rest” before you carve it. Everything else should be served hot, especially the gravy.

12) If you want a lump free gravy you must strain it before serving.

13) For a more colorful stuffing you can add butternut squash to your basic stuffing recipe.

Happy Eating,


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